Make Money as a Creator: A Comprehensive Guide

People claim that content providers can now more easily profit from their work than in the past. I get it, but it’s like having a second job trying to sort through all the different monetization schemes. If you choose the correct one, you’ll be good to go. Nevertheless, you risk losing money if you choose the incorrect one.

We will be taking a look at a few of the best and most widely used internet monetization systems today. We’ll go over the expenses, weigh the benefits and drawbacks, and ideally get you paid sooner rather than later.

Advice on Choosing the Right Platform

They say that making things is satisfying in and of itself. However, once the rent is due, that satisfaction diminishes.

Creators do a lot of essential things. Creators should be compensated for their great effort, encompassing entertainment, education, and custom art. How should you be compensated in a precise manner?

Finding the right platform for earning money from content creators is highly subjective. Even though there is a plethora of choices, the platforms discussed below differ in essential respects. Research, familiarity with your business, and experimentation will lead you to the best platform for your fledgling creative venture.

Then why don’t we handle the research component?

Contribute to Patreon.

Starting with the platform that changed the game for content creation is a logical choice. Content providers seeking additional revenue streams have greatly benefited from Patreon since its launch in 2013. Millions of creatives utilize it to make money off of their unique content.

Regardless of size or specialty, any artist can use the service to take donations. In addition, artists might charge a monthly subscription fee to access their works behind a paywall and

The platform is truly remarkable, with over six million patrons and over one hundred thousand creators financed by patrons. 1 The account creation process is free; however, fees will begin to accrue once you begin earning money. The percentage creators anticipate paying can range from five to twelve percent of their monthly income. Plus, any processing costs that may be applied on top of that. 2

I am a keeper.

A plethora of monetization features are available on Ko-fi. Content makers can utilize it to:

Kickstart a crowdfunding campaign; collect contributions; sell digital and physical goods; provide monthly subscriptions; earn commissions.
The best part is that there are no hidden costs or fees associated with using Ko-fi or making a donation. The platform implements transaction fees. On top of that, paying a platform fee or membership fee monthly is only necessary for a small number of premium features. 3


By moving to Podia, well-known content creators can significantly reduce their platform and processing fees. The platform’s premium membership model is responsible for this. Podia charges a fixed monthly subscription fee rather than a part of your earnings.

Like their rivals, Podia members can take donations and provide digital downloads, online courses, and monthly memberships. 4 There are two membership tiers for creators: $39 and $79. Please note that typical payment processing fees will apply to both packages. 5

Get Me a Cup of Joe

For content creators looking to explore memberships, donations, and product sales, Buy Me a Coffee is a terrific place to start. Because the service is an authorized PayPal and Stripe partner, users can instantly receive payments to their creator accounts by linking their bank accounts.

Distinctly, there aren’t any ongoing costs. Alternatively, on top of the usual processing fees for PayPal or Stripe, Buy Me a Coffee imposes a competitive five percent fee for each transaction. 6


If you’d rather make subscription money straight from your website, Memberful is an excellent option. The developer has complete command over the user experience because of the company’s customizable branding, analytics, and conversion tracking features.

Memberful is an add-on for WordPress that functions as a membership plugin. Put a barrier on your site and decide on your membership terms. 7

There is no monthly price for Memberful’s basic plan; instead, 10% of your earnings are taken. However, while the monthly charge increases, that percentage decreases depending on your membership plan. 8


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is continuously looking for new ways to make money. The fact that Facebook provides many of the same possibilities we’ve previously mentioned shouldn’t shock anyone.

Video makers have a few options for making money on Facebook: in-stream advertisements, business partnerships, or a monthly subscription button. You should check out the setup if you have a highly trafficked Facebook page. It’s straightforward. 

In summary,

The faster you decide on a monetization platform, the sooner you start seeing a return on your investment. However, it is essential to select the correct one carefully. If you put in the time and effort upfront, you want to avoid discovering that you could have made more or worked less a few months later.

It is about more than just getting the most bang for the buck. You may run into problems later on if you pick the wrong platform. That is why you must do extensive web research on each of them.